The effects of snoring

The effects of snoring

Snoring may lead to many serious diseases and ailments. Blood hypoxia Chile sleeping May bring about damaging effects. Oxygen saturation of blond cell of a healthy person should not fall below 95%. At the person going through snoring problem it may be reduced even to 70%. Oxugen defficiency in blood causes, that many people after waking up experience drowsiness, headaches, irritability, nervousness, and have minor or major problems with concentration or memory, and even depression[2]. Therefore, it is essentials to take good care of one’s health and get rid of this accute affliction, also for the sake of the closest people.

Ipsos Mori survey[1] shows how respondents assessed the effects of snoring:

  • 29% detrimental impast on social life
  • 37%  low productivity at work
  • 37% concentration problems
  • 47% lack of energy
  • 57% quarrels with your partner / tension in relationship
  • 61% greater irritability

Can snoring be eradicated? Of course it can!

Thousands of people are already enjoying peaceful nights and gratefulness of their closest. You may also forget the nuisance and ailments caused by snoring, and most importantly avoid serious disorders.


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